She’s got one of those resumes you need written down because you can’t remember it all” - James Morrison



Tilly Jones (b.2001) is an emerging Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Surrounded by music as a child, she has played piano, cello and clarinet for over 10 years. Her passion for music has been fostered by her time at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium, where she has played alongside the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Gill, James Morrison, Jane Rutter, Tobias Brieder, TaikOz and Moorambilla Voices.

In 2016,Tilly appeared in Karenza Ebejer’s award-winning film ‘Tilly’s Symphony’ as part of the Screenworks/ABC Creatabilityseries, as well as a short film for the NSW Department of Education teacher training program.

Known for her ‘eccentric, immersive and engaging’ compositional style, Tilly has been commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Austin’s Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival, Lismore Lantern Parade, Real Art Works, Evans Head Living Museum and the Northern Rivers Conservatorium.

Tilly is influenced by various genres, ranging from classical and jazz, to world music and indie-folk. Her greatest inspirations are Elena Kats-Chernin, Dmitri Shostakovich, David Bruce, and Gabriel Kahane. She composes for groups of varied sizes, from solo, duos and string quartets to larger chamber and big band works.

Tilly has advanced skills in using Sibelius and often typesets and edits work for other artists. These skills are employed in her internship with the Flowers of Peace, where she typesets, edits, and arranges music for the program, overseen by Australian War Memorial Artist in Residence Chris Latham. Tilly has been described by colleagues as reliable, hard-working, innovative, and creative.

Tilly is heavily involved in the Northern Rivers music community, collaborating with local artists such as Merakai Mae and Jex Lopez and performing with the Lismore Symphony Orchestra. She currently works at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium performing administrative duties and overseeing various libraries.

Tilly has studied under Sean O’Boyle AM, Associate Professor Annie Mitchell, Steve Russell, Nic Campbell, Julius Hofstetter, Michael McCabe, Thomas Zachary, Mark Bromley, Wendy Turner, and Helen Linden.

She is the recipient of many awards and scholarships, including the Long Tan Defence Award, Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship SCU, Walter and Eliza Hall Scholarship, Variety Scholarship and the Youth Off The Streets Scholarship, sponsored by Sony Music Foundation. After university, Tilly endeavours to release music with an Australian tour, aligning with her dreams of working as a composer/performer. Outside of composition and performance, Tilly is passionate about disability inclusivity in the music industry, having Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, and Autism herself.

Quick facts: 

Performed with/for James Morrison, Jane Rutter, Tobias Brieder, David Helfgott, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sean O’Boyle.  

Recipient of the 2019 Variety Heart Scholarship, 2020 Youth Off The Streets Scholarship (sponsored by SONY Music Foundation), 2021 Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Fund Scholarship.  

Attended the World Premiere of the Diggers Requiem in Canberra, met Elena Kats-Chernin, Nigel Westlake, Grahame Koehene 

Worked in assistant role for the Vietnam Requiem in 2021 – interacting with artists such as William Barton, Slava Grigoryan, Bill Risby, Paul Goodchild, Little Pattie, John Schumann, Ross Edwards,  

Featured guest at the 15th Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival in Austin Texas.  

Spent 6 months in France immersed in the culture and music. Saw Herbie Hancock, Omer Avital and Raphael Pidoux perform. Received cello lessons from Helen Linden – winner of the 1998 Classical Eurovision. Performed first solo recital in France 

Plays the cello, violin, viola, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, tenor saxophone and alto saxophone.  

Member of numerous community orchestras and ensembles since the age of 9 

Experience in engraving, editing, organisation

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